Where to Buy Backlinks of Best Quality

This is a good question for SEOs and company managers that where to "Buy Backlinks" of highest quality. We agree to the point that any website which is newly launched needs some type of advertising or promotions to get business. SEO is a same type of promotion which is a war between competitors of same niche. Main working of SEO depends on buying backlinks. If you have best backlinks then you can win this war as same as if you have best weapons then you win the war.

Things to Take Care When Buying Backlinks

When you are buying backlinks from any website or any place then you must take care of some important things. These things are like that the website from where you "buy backlinks" must be a legit site, and legit is not only important, you must also check their backlinks quality and type of backlinks they are providing. How to check that those are legit and how to check their backlinks quality is described in below headings.

Ask Questions About Type of Backlinks

It is simple to know about type of backlinks. Basically sites which are selling backlinks always mentioned about the type of backlinks but some of them don't so simply use their contact button to ask them that in the given package what the type of backlinks is. Now you have to decide that which type of backlinks you have to buy. You can decide it by knowing need for you site. It is better to get backlinks from different domain, so if you have already purchase social bookmarks so it is better to purchase directory backlinks right now. Well article backlinks and web 2.0 are the best for sticking your rankings and for a fast boost, try profile submission and blog commenting. If you want stick with fast boost then try high PR blog comment links, it is most beneficial. Now when you know the need of your site then you can easily choose the type of backlink that you must buy.

What is Page Rank of Backlinks

It is most important to know the quality of buying backlinks. For this reason you can check relevancy of backlinks to your site, pagerank of the backlinks, out bound link from the backlink. Important factor in all of them is page rank and relevancy. Relevancy of backlinks is how much similar that backlink's content to your site's content. Pagerank is a ranking given by Google to all the sites of the world. Its value can vary from 0 to 10. The greater value of site's pagerank, the more it is good. So if the pagerank of backlinks is 4, 5 or greater then it is best to "buy backlinks" of that rank.

Company is a Legit From Where You Are Buying Backlinks

First of all make surety that the website from where you are buying backlinks, is a legit site and give reports or is just a scam. You can check these things by buying backlinks of little quantity and of cheap price from them and asking some compulsory questions from them, like from where you give backlinks, what is the page rank of backlinks, can I use anchors text with those backlinks, are those backlinks follow links or just no-follow. If they give answers to these questions then they are legit but for surety, first purchase small amount then go for larger deals. In this easy way, you can estimate the legislation of that site and as well as it will be helpful in future.

Purchase Backlinks Which Have These Specifications

You must know about the specifications that a simple backlink must have, in this way it is easy to purchase backlinks packages according to your site needs. When you purchase backlinks so the following special things should be checked.

Backlinks Are From Relevant Sites

The site from which you are buying backlinks must have relevancy to your site. Relevancy is that if your site in on cars dealing, so you must "buy backlinks" from sites of car related content, like you can get backlinks from car's blog, car specification articles and car renting sites. It is much better to have backlinks from car dealing site because they will use same keywords as yours and it is most beneficial. Also keep in mind that "buy backlinks" of article marketing and web 2.0 have too much relevancy because in these backlinks, content of your backlink is written by your choice and you can write it relevant to your niche.

Buy Backlinks Which Have a Follow Tag

Yes! Purchase backlinks which do not have a no follow tag. So you may need to know that what is follow and no follow link. Follow is by default and site designer does not need any other thing to make a link follow but for making it no follow, designer must use rel attribute and give it a value of nofollow. No-follow link is not followed by SE bot so when your backlink have no follow tag so it is not given important as robot has said to not follow this link. So always "buy backlinks" which have follow tags.

Purchase Backlinks of High Page Rank

After above two specs this is the third most important point which you must keep in mind. Its short form is PR. Pagerank is simple the designation of backlink in the company of Google. Now if you got an appreciation from an employee who is working in Google then it is not so much powerful but what if you get an appreciation from CEO or manager of Google. So page rank is as same as these designations. The higher your backlinks PR is, the higher link juice you will get. Purchase backlinks which have high PR is best but if backlinks have all these three things then your backlink is like a atomic bomb for you in the war of SEO.

What is Difference in Buy Backlinks and Manual Backlinks

When you hire an SEO expert for your site's marketing campaign then basically he is developing links for you and it can be called as Buy Backlinks yourself and also called as Manual Backlinks because you are paying him to create backlinks but he can create backlinks as per your choice too. Meaning of word buy backlinks is just when you go to a SEO services site and buy backlinks from that site. Manual backlink is when you place your link on any site by your own. When you hire SEO then you pay him for creating backlinks so it can be consider as "buy backlinks" but you have choice for how to place backlinks to it can be consider as manual linking too. Difference in both of them is simple, which is elaborated in above part. Now in both of them buy backlinks is better if you do not have time but if you have money. And if you have time but no money then manual is good and if you do not have money and no time then you have to give over time to your site and instead of buying backlinks you must do manual linking.
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